B 1-2 (Leg 1) – Day 1

(507 miles to go)

Good morning!

Pretty good stuff out here so far.  It was nice getting out of the Bay and cracking off a little.  The cold front arrived earlier than expected, which was great because I was able to shift to the jib top and then the A5/A0.  As the front passed I saw 20-35 knots for about an hour with the A5 up.  Spadefoot was full lit up.  Top speed was 13.5 knots, and we made up 2nm on Barcanova in 1 hour.  After the front passed the skies cleared again.  Still clear this morning.  Good for the solar panels.  I put up the A2 spinnaker around 10pm last night, and it is still up.  Moderate breeze overnight.  Mostly 8-10, and now it is more like 10-12 out of the north.  The wind instruments (speed & direction) aren’t working.  Not too surprising, but a bummer about the wind direction, because now the autopilot can’t steer to apparent wind.  Tricky with the spinnaker up.  Lots of adjustments and handling required.  Pretty cold last night.  I wore everything I had.  But now with the sun up, it is nice.

Wind just shifted and/or changed speed.  Need to go do some sailing stuff.Day-1

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