Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.  – Albert Einstein 

In case you were curious to find a little more about who we are:


Our names are Justin and Chris.  We recently bought another sailboat after a ten-year hiatus from sailing and living aboard.  Our boat, “Shearwater” is a J/120.  We currently live in Austin, Texas.  In July 2012 we sailed Shearwater from Annapolis, MD to Porto, Portugal via the Azores.  In July 2014, we raced Shearwater to Hawaii from San Francisco in the Pacific Cup.  We intend to use this blog to share both what we learn about our boat, as well what we learn about the ever-changing health of the world’s oceans.


We tend to wander a bit, as we love to explore.  If we had to try to distill what we’ve done in the past 15 years, it would be most easily summarized by saying that we’ve tried to take advantage of any opportunities to see new places, including:

♦  Sailing down the west coast from Seattle, Washington after college intending to go to Hawaii and then deciding that job prospects were better in southern California, cruising the Channel Islands and Baja Mexico, then…

♦  Heading back to graduate school in Stony Brook, New York in atmospheric science (Justin) and ecology & evolution (Chris), then…

♦  Finding ourselves in Norman, Oklahoma routing ships across oceans (Justin) and managing the herpetology collection at the natural history museum (Chris), then…

♦  Making our way to Austin, Texas to design wind farms (Justin) and write air quality/environmental grants (Chris), and then…

♦ We lived in Madrid for 2 years, working, learning Spanish and traveling as much as we could.

Our lives revolve around (although we get distracted by lots of other interesting things):

♦  Bicycles – from triathlon and bike racing to basic transportation, we’re huge advocates and riders of two-wheeled machines.

♦  Dogs – our girls, Jordan and Haley, really help us aspire to be the people they think we are.

♦  Sailboats – we met racing dinghies, owned and raced keel boats, and cruised a Valiant 32 that we lived aboard for 5 years, cruising from Canada’s Gulf Islands to the Sea of Cortez.

Thanks for stopping by!