B 1-2 (Leg 1) – Day 2 extra edition

(303 miles to go)

I‘m hiding on the beanbag, the waves are right down and the breeze is 5-10, with the jib top close reaching, so a good time to send an update.  Mostly a restful day.  Just a few sail changes as I went from jib top to A2 to A0 to A2 to jib top.  Huge wind shifts though.  Like 20 degrees, so I sit on the floor of the cockpit starting at the jib telltales and push the autopilot remote buttons about 1000 times so far to keep the jib trimmed.  Really missing that apparent wind autopilot.  It’s okay though.  This is also good Spadefoot weather.  I can see Dragon (Class 40) on AIS!!!  He was 13.5nm in front of me when I spotted him this morning and now he is 10.5nm.  I’m trying hard to get there fast!  I read Toothface’s (Tristan, Class 40) update from the B1-2 website, and he mentioned light and fluky last night (or was it the night before?).  Definitely didn’t have the same conditions as I’ve had.

Well, fingers crossed the last day or so goes well.  Looks like it could be breezy upwind or close reaching.  

Oh, the water is bright blue now after crossing the Gulf Stream this morning.  I don’t think I’ll be cold anymore either.  Shorts and long-sleeves all day.  Plenty warm now.  Doubt it cool off much unless the breeze picks up overnight.


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