B 1-2 (Leg 1) – Day 2

(340 miles to go)

Another bright sunny day.  I can hear Jason (Concussion), although it sounds like he and Solarus aren’t very close, but are close each other.  

A bit of everything.  Too much wind.  Too little wind.  Too big waves.  Super flat water.  Easy sailing, hard sailing.  I flew the kite from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon, then switched to the jib top and double reefed main, the the jib top poled out with the double reefed main and now I’m back to the A2. It’s really hard flying the kite with no apparent wind mode.  I spent much of the morning laying on the cockpit floor, staring at the Windex and pushing buttons to change course to keep the kite flying.  Very shifty right now.  I’m almost halfway, and I just got into the Gulf Stream this morning.  79 degree water.
I feel like I’m past the strong part as the cross-current has eased off and the temperature has started to drop.

Boat got wet inside, but I got most of it sponged out this morning.  Nice to have a break from the wind and waves.

Pretty tired.  I’m getting little naps, but they are very short, before the boat needs attention.  I rested good yesterday morning, knowing last night would be harder.

I think that’s all I have for today.  I need to go tend the spinnaker.


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