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January 2016


Now We’re Cookin’

Our Jetboil gimbal mount arrived today from the UK.  Looks like a nice piece of kit!  The bracket that attaches to the bulkhead is slotted so the whole mount can be easily removed when not needed. Funny thing when ordering the gimbal.  I emailed them to check availability and mentioned …

Our storm jib will be slightly smaller than this one, on the 100 foot Comanche

The Winter “To Do” List

It’s winter and Pacific Cup starts in 6 months.  That means it is time to get serious about the To Do list on Spadefoot.  It is so much easier to get things done on Spadefoot with the boat only 30 minutes away versus the preparing Shearwater for crossing oceans when …

Custom sprit, Selden brackets, 3D printed inserts (blue) and 3D printed nose cone.

3D Printing for Spadefoot

One of the fun things about owning a custom one-off boat is that you get to do custom things without rules or restrictions.  This has been very true over the past year as we’ve added a retractable sprit and asymmetrical spinnakers.  The sprit is actually part of the original carbon …

How much do you weigh?

Excuse me, Spadefoot, how much do you weigh?

Answer – I have no idea. This is a big mystery that will be definitively solved on May 25, 2016. That is the date we are having Spadefoot weighed and measured for a certified PHRF rating needed for Pacific Cup 2016. Ironically, the original owner, Dick Horn, will be doing …



It’s time to pull this all together. Some of you know, some of you don’t. Last year, right after Pacific Cup, we bought another boat. It’s a one-off custom Schumacher 28. You can read all about the boat here – Spadefoot. For a time we thought we’d just use Facebook …