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March 2013


The big circle – Porto to…Porto!

Our plans to complete the boat delivery from Porto to Gibraltar did not turn out as planned.  The boat is still in Porto, and we’re back in Madrid, making new plans.  The weather and waves were not at all cooperative, but we did make an attempt to “test the waters” …


Ready to go to Gibraltar…but waiting in Porto

We arrived in Porto yesterday, ready to set off on our boat delivery to Gibraltar, where Shearwater will await a ride to Florida on a big ‘ol ship. However, we’re still in Porto – waiting for the Maritime Police to open the entrance of the harbor to all vessels.  Currently, …

Virtual Winds

Virtual Winds & Weather4D Pro

Next weekend we fly to Porto to move Shearwater down the coast to Gibraltar.  It’s roughly 500nm to the rock and a nice chance to try all of the changes we’ve made to Shearwater since arriving in Porto last summer.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are already …