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October 2012

Although the dogs thought otherwise, the sailing was fantastic.

Porto and Oporto

Recently, we were able to show our good friends, Ari and Yani, our boat – they are originally from Argentina and had been our neighbors for a few months before moving to another apartment here in Madrid.  We meet regularly to solve the world’s problems; our solutions are frequently offered …

Check out that smart looking mainsheet!

The Southampton Boat Show

What better way to celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary than to go to a boat show? Well, there are better ways, but the days matched up and we’d really been wanting to visit a European boat show as we had a number of things we wanted, but couldn’t find in …

The beach in Gaia, just west of the marina.

Oh the people you’ll meet!

With a nod to Dr. Seuss, the past year has been one experience after another meeting people with vastly different backgrounds than ours – and these experiences (like the one mentioned below) often leave us thinking about our own histories, families, and identities. Recently, after successfully tackling the alternator issue …