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August 2012


Alternator Chronicles – A Happy Ending

So you recall a few weeks ago we “blew up our alternator” while trying to do diagnostics on a suspected charging problem.  That was a big bummer, requiring ordering a new alternator and regulator, shipping from the West Coast of the United States, and import duties into Spain.  Ouch, ouch, …

The little beast

Alternator Chronicles

When things go wrong on a boat they can go very wrong. It pains me a little that despite owning a sailboat and being a lover of the sailing aspect of owning a sailboat, since taking ownership of Shearwater, most of our effort, time, frustration, and a great deal of …

The girls in the quarterberth, while we're doing some cleaning up.  Apparently, it's a bit boring back there.

Salty dogs

This past weekend we brought our dogs with us, as we needed to take care of some small maintenance tasks on Shearwater.  Jordan and Haley travel really well – they love hearing that there is going to be a car ride, and when we hook them up and take them …

Here is a view from the cockpit of our boat in the marina slip - we have yet to figure out what this beautiful building is.

Snapshots from Porto

Shearwater is currently at the Douro Marina in Portugal, where we have been quite happy with the helpfulness of the marina staff and the pleasant town of Vila Nova de Gaia, which is right across the River Douro from Porto.  We spent this past weekend cleaning up a bit, as well …