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April 2012


Big, Big Day!

Hunger Games?  Anyone? Yesterday was a fine, momentous occasion.  Shearwater is now in the water and acting like a boat!  Ah, the smell of the sea, the sound of wind in the ringing, the gentle rock of the boat to the waves.  At least that is how I imagine it …

That's right.  Right-hand rotation

Poco a Poco

That means “little by little” to those of you with worse Spanish than me. Well, Chris is 4 – make that 3 days into “Spring Cleaning 2012” and I’m reminded of that old saying “Two steps forward, one step back”. Monday started off with a step back after Chris’s flight …


Coming to America

Tomorrow Chris flies to D.C., rents a car and heads over to Annapolis.  She’ll spend the next 2 weeks working on Shearwater.  I’ll fly over in about 2 weeks to review her work.  Err, I mean to help her finish things up.  Actually, I’m just flying over to go sailing!  …